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July 29, 2011:

  • New Page: I've just added a new page to the site, called Hiring Me, and added a link in the navigation column on the left. I have about 300 freelancing projects completed so far and a spotless record of happy clients. I work in a surprising number of areas, so if you need something done, please take a look

  • Endorsement: If you're a freelancer who works on Elance, and especially a writer, I encourage you to take a look at 72tips.com. Hayden Jackson's new 90-page e-book is filled with valuable information that can help you graduate more quickly from the online freelancing school of hard knocks.

May 18, 2011:

  • Minor Update: I just updated the site to correct a couple of minor technical issues, and to remove some now-irrelevant content. Hope you are enjoying reading the material.

April 28, 2011:

  • Welcome! I'm very pleased to announce the launch of the Online Freelancing Guide! This initial release includes two chapters of what will eventually be seven in total, with the rest to be published over the course of the next year. Don't be fooled by the word "chapter", though -- these chapters contain much more information than a typical chapter in a book. Here's a brief summary of the two chapters, with direct links:

    • Introduction - Online Freelancing Overview, Options, Opportunities and Challenges: This chapter introduces and describes online freelancing; it will be especially useful for those new to the industry. I define online freelancing and compare it to traditional employment and conventional freelancing. I look at what disciplines make the most sense for online freelancing, and help you understand whether this is a potential good fit for your line of work. I outline some of the challenges associated with being a successful freelancer, examine alternatives for establishing a freelance career, and present important trade-offs for you to consider.

    • An Analysis and Review of Popular Online Freelancing Marketplace Sites: A very big part of being an online freelancer is understanding how to select and effectively use online freelancing marketplace sites. Accordingly, this large chapter contains the most thorough analysis and review of popular online freelancing sites ever published. Each of the “Big Five” sites—Elance, Freelancer.com, Guru, oDesk and vWorker—is analyzed in extensive detail using a set of thirteen standard criteria. I also grade each site in each of the thirteen areas, and analyze how much each site costs to use in a variety of site use scenarios. Shorter reviews are also provided of several other sites.


  • A Note About Searching: There will be a search box on the left hand side of each page of the site that you can use to search for text on any pages within the Guide. This won't work until Google has indexed the site, which I hope will be within a week or so of launch. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


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